We strive towards ensuring fair employability and integration of refugees and people with a migration background into the society. Taking in particular, cultural, social, and economic aspects into consideration. 

Mission statement

Where there is a will, there is a way. Just-Go-For-It GmbH was born out of the realisation that in 2015, there was no refugee influx, but rather a population movement. People came to Germany, who did not only seek a safe haven, but also to start a new, a better life. People, who are an enrichment to Germany and to Europe. People, who brought along, their own culture, traditions and stories. People, who have aspirations, know-how, and ideas.

Our firm conviction is that everyone deserves a fair chance, irrespectively from their place of origin, or place of birth. In order to turn this conviction into action, there is the need to support the integration of those people. This is how we can create a togetherness in society and strive towards a We.

We want to contribute towards social fairness in our society. In an ideal world, everyone would have a similar, or at least a fair, access to resources, possibilities, and chances. Everyone can contribute towards this. Even small contributions in form of ideas, networks, or the simple buoying can create wonders.

Just-Go-For-It is an Ltd based in Berlin. Its task is to help primarily refugee women or women with a migration background in their social, cultural and financial orientation in Berlin.  

We opted for the legal framework of an Ltd, as it allows one to apply for project funding, but at the same time one can do so, free of any political restraints that can come along with the non-profit character. We do not want to hide behind the neutrality and impartiality of the non-profit. Rather, we want to freely express our thoughts, and voice our opinions, and enter into a societal dialogue.     

We are also driven by the fear of a new political right that we currently see rising in Germany. Refugees, being an easy definable group, are such an easy target for a banal and undeserving smear campaign. Really, this should not be the case, as we have all sought refuge sometime, somewhere, somehow. We are all migrants, newcomers, looking for a better life.